tirsdag 13. oktober 2015

Laser - Amerikanerne straffer hardt - Curt Lewis

Clovis man gets 5 years for laser-aircraft strike

Man accused of shining laser at plane

A Hanford man is under arrest after police say he pointed a laser at a Kings County Sheriff's Office spotter airplane. Read more

A Clovis man was sentenced to five years in prison last week for shining a powerful green laser at a law enforcement aircraft.

Sergio Patrick Rodriguez, 27, was given the maximum possible prison sentence the judge could impose.

Rodriguez was suspected of multiple acts of shining lasers at aircraft. In a previous laser strike, he targeted a medical emergency transport helicopter for Valley Children's Hospital.

Rodriguez also had a significant criminal history and was guilty of numerous probation violations, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Hanford resident Michael Quair was arrested last week for allegedly shining a laser at a Kings County Sheriff's Office airplane flying over Hanford.

Quair hasn't been formally charged yet.

Laser strikes on aircraft can cause pilots to suffer temporary blindness/eye injuries.

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