fredag 7. juli 2017

Passasjer forsøkte å komme inn i cockpit - USA - CNN

Three injured on Delta flight after passenger tries to enter cockpit

(CNN)A Delta Air Lines flight made a turn
back soon aftertakeoff from Seattle to Beijing 
on Thursday night after apassenger attempted 
to enter the cockpit, according totwo people 
familiar with the incident.
Three people were injured in the incident aboard
Delta flight 129, including two passengers and 
one  crew member, the people said. The flight 
turned back as it was flying over the western 
coast of Canada.
The aircraft, a twin-aisle Boeing 767-300ER,
returned safely to Seattle-Tacoma International 
Airport around 7:40 PM local time under 
Department of Defense escort.
    Delta in a statement to CNN said a passenger
    was restrained and removed from flight 129 
    because of a "security incident" onboard, but did 
    not elaborate. The passenger was taken into 
    custody by law enforcement officers after the 
    flight returned tothe gate, Delta said.  
    The Atlanta-based carrier said the flight
    would re-depart for Beijing again Thursday
    The Federal Aviation Administration referrede 
    questions to local law enforcement and the North 
    American Aerospace Defense Command.

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