søndag 16. juli 2017

TCAS proves its worth - Vienna - Curt Lewis

Incident: Austrian A319 and Austrian DH8D at Vienna on Jun 16th 2017, loss of separation, TCAS resolution advisory

An Austrian Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration OE-LDG performing flight OS-727 from Vienna (Austria) to Podgorica (Montenegro), was climbing through about FL060 out of Vienna's runway 29 about 14nm south of Vienna Airport.

An Austrian Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration OE-LGJ performing flight OS-706 from Prague (Czech Republic) to Vienna (Austria), was descending through about FL080 on approach to Vienna about 14nm south of Vienna Airport.

Austria's Sicherheitsuntersuchungsstelle des Bundes (SUB, accident investigation board) reported the occurrence was rated a serious incident and is being investigated. OE-LDG was departing from Vienna's runway 29 while OE-LGJ was on a left downwind for runway 34 when a loss of separation and TCAS resolution advisories occurred.

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