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Seaplane Service Links Seattle-Vancouver Dock-to-Dock

 - May 10, 2018, 8:05 AM
seaplanes lined up
Kenmore Air offers daily service between Seattle and Victoria, B.C., and has added a Seattle-to-Vancouver route.
A new seaplane route connecting downtown Seattle and Vancouver is proving to be a success for Kenmore Air. Launched at the end of April, the service provides nonstop flights between Seattle’s Lake Union and Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver. The dock-to-dock trip takes one hour and offers a more convenient option than the four-hour drive between the cities. Eliminating traffic and wait times at the border adds to the appeal of the seaplane service for business travelers.
“Passengers are pretty enthusiastic about the convenience of the route. It’s a no-brainer for day trippers,” said Chuck Perry, chief pilot at Kenmore Air. “We have not had any empty legs yet. When compared to overnight hotel and per diem costs, the price of the flight is a screaming deal.”
Flights are offered twice a day and a one-way ticket is priced at $285. While a round-trip price of approximately $570 may seem like one that would induce sticker shock, the cost has not been a limiting factor for passengers.
The route is a joint venture between Kenmore Air and Canadian based Harbour Air. Currently, Kenmore Air is operating all of the flights for the service while Harbour Air awaits certification to operate in U.S. airspace.
“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Kenmore Air to launch this new international route that will enable people to fly between downtown Vancouver and downtown Seattle in one hour. This daily service will connect the Cascadia Corridor and be an important service for business and tourism,” said Randy Wright, president of Harbour Air Seaplanes.
Kenmore Air offers daily service between Seattle and Victoria, B.C., and estimates 20,000 passengers travel annually between the two cities. The decision to add the Seattle-to-Vancouver route was supported by the success of the Victoria route and the increasing development of cross-border business collaboration between tech companies.
“This new direct seaplane route between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., will be an important link in connecting the Cascadia Innovation Corridor," said Brad Smith, Microsoft president. "This association between two historic Pacific Northwest companies will accelerate cross-border business and collaboration for the entire region.”
Passengers can book flights Monday through Friday and additional connecting air service to Kenmore Air’s seaplane base on Lake Washington is also available.
“Increasing cross-border collaboration has been top of mind for government, technology, and business leaders alike, and we believe this route provides a fast, convenient, and much-needed solution,” said Todd Banks, president of Kenmore Air.

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