onsdag 16. mai 2018

Tiltrotor - V-280 Valor flyr som fly - Rotor&Wing video

Bell V-280 Tiltrotor Flies in Cruise Mode

By Amy Kluber | May 15, 2018
Bell said its V-280 Valor demonstrator for the U.S. Army-led Future Vertical Lift program to become the next generation of U.S. military helicopters has flown for the first time in cruise mode — with its rotors forward.
“The V-280 Valor is quickly and consistently demonstrating the maturity of its technology and the overmatch capabilities it will bring to the warfighter,” said Keith Flail, VP of advanced tiltrotor systems at Bell. “This first cruise mode flight is another exciting step in our efforts to deliver revolutionary capability for warfighters at a sustainable cost and years ahead of current schedule projections.”
Bell's Vince Tobin told R&WI earlier this month that milestone had been expected in this time frame. Tobin also said flight testing in the next several months will focus on expanding the envelope to undergo roll and yaw acceleration tests.
The feat was captured on video. Take a look:

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