torsdag 7. juni 2018

Helikopter - HeliOffshore må jo drive med et eller annet - AIN

Men å kritisere Airbus Helicopters eller EASA for å løfte groundingen av H225/LII  har de aldri våget. (Red.)

HeliOffshore Videos Demo Safety Enhancements
A new series of videos from HeliOffshore show how implementing key safety programs can enhance the safety of offshore helicopter operations. The three key safety programs highlighted in the videos are approach path management guidelines, line operations safety audits (LOSAs), and flight crew operating manuals (FCOMs).
In HeliOffshore’s Approach Path Management video, senior pilots and safety experts from member operators explain how the right training and preparation can help offshore helicopter pilots safely manage the approach path phase of flights. Its second outlines the benefits that LOSAs provide offshore helicopter operators, namely a “valuable and fully authentic picture of how the reality of frontline operations might differ from what is called for in standard operating procedures.”
Meanwhile, its third new video explains that FCOMs provide the most complete picture of how aircraft designers intended the aircraft to be flown, as well as how crew can make the best possible use of all aircraft systems and the available automation.
The videos were shot on location with HeliOffshore member operators around the world, including Babcock Aviation Offshore, Bristow Group, CHC Helicopter, Cougar Helicopters, and Weststar Aviation.

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