Birmingham Airport flights were suspended today after a Norwegian Air aircraft had to make an emergency landing and was met by fire trucks which sprayed it with foam.
No one was injured when Flight D86241, which was carrying 152 crew and passengers, landed at Birmingham Airport instead of its scheduled destination of Madrid in Spain.
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The Boeing 737-8JP, which took off from Reykjavik in Iceland, has now been cleared from the runway.
Fire trucks met the plane on the ground after it landed safely at around 1.30pm and with foam being sprayed underneath as a precautionary measure.
A spokesman for the airline said the plane had diverted due a technical issue and everything was being done to get the passengers to their destination.

The Norwegian aeroplane which was forced to land in Birmingham
The Norwegian aeroplane which was forced to land in Birmingham 

An airport spokesperson said: “Birmingham Airport’s runway is now open following the temporary closure at 1346 hours when the Norwegian D86241 landed with a hydraulic issue. Passengers travelling today will experience some disruption to their travel following this closure.
“Can all passengers due to travel, check with their airline as to the status of their flight. Birmingham Airport apologises to all those impacted by today’s closure and the safety of passengers is our priority.”
The aircraft is understood to have declared an emergency at around 1pm.

A picture on Twitter showed foam being sprayed under the fuselage of the plane after it was met by aviation fire trucks at Birmingham Airport. However the fault is a technical issue believed to be related to hydraulics, rather than a fire.
The flight had been en-route from Reykjavik to Madrid when the problem developed and it diverted to Birmingham as a standard precautionary procedure.