lørdag 14. juli 2018

DC-3 alvorlig skadd - Curt Lewis

Accident: Colombia DC3 at San Felipe on Jul 11th 2018, left main gear collapse on landing causes runway excursion

An Air Colombia Douglas DC-3, registration HK-3293 performing a flight from an unknown origin to San Felipe (Colombia) with 11 people and 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid on board, touched down safely on the dirt runway of San Felipe. During roll out, after about 300 meters of roll, the left main gear collapsed causing the aircraft to veer off the runway and come to a stop on the left main wing, right main gear and tail wheel. Both propeller were separated from the aircraft. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.
Colombia's Armada Colombia responded to the emergency, soldiers took care of the aircraft and cargo. The cargo was to supply San Felipe with food for the winter.

The captain reported the landing was normal, after about 300 meters roll there was damage at the left hand gear and the aircraft began to veer left and came to a stop off the runway. Colombia's Accident Investigation Board was notified and opened an investigation.

The aircraft seen after landing (Photos: Armada Colombia):

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