torsdag 28. juni 2018

Helikopterrute USA - AIN

AAG Launches Teterboro-NYC Heli Shuttle Service
Following the success of a helicopter transfer service from London Biggin Hill Airport to London that was launched in 2014, the UK airport has worked with New York-based helicopter operator Associated Aircraft Group (AAG) to institute a similar service linking sister airport Teterboro with the U.S. financial capital.
“The London Heli Shuttle has been a game changer at our airport, allowing passengers a quick six-minute transfer to the city center,” explained Robert Walters, Biggin Hill’s business development manager. “With Teterboro the same time by helicopter to New York City, it is fantastic to be able to mirror this service with AAG in the United States and form an effective 'air bridge' between the two cities.”
AAG operates the largest fleet of Sikorsky S-76s in the Northeast U.S., and its New York Heli Shuttle flights will operate between the dedicated business aviation airport and Manhattan’s heliports. “We have seen how successful the London Heli Shuttle has been for London Biggin Hill, and we are excited to be bringing this option to New York,” said AAG general manager John Gow.
Using the two services on either side of the Atlantic, passengers can end the work day in Manhattan, take the heli-shuttle to Teterboro, board a jet to Biggin Hill, and then take the shuttle to London in time for an early breakfast meeting, Walters noted.

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