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Moskva havariet - Saratov Airlines har hatt problemer - Wikipedia

Er tail plane icing med påfølgende stall, en del av flygernes trening i dag?
Ut fra bilder som er vist, er deler fra flyet spredd over et stort område. Flyet hadde tydeligvis en in-flight break down. (Red.)


Saratov Airlines was founded in 1931. It was called "Saratov United Air Squad" and was a part of Aeroflot. The airline has received a prestigious award, "Krylia Rossii" (Russian Wings), three times. Until 2013 it operated as Saravia (Russian: Саравиа).
In December 2013, Saratov Airlines, became the first Russian operator of Embraer E-Jets, with the arrival of two Embraer 195 114-seat aircraft.
On 14 October 2015, the Russian aviation authorities sanctioned Saratov Airlines after a violation of security rules. The airline was therefore no longer allowed to operate flights to destinations outside of Russia from 26 October 2015.[1] However, by May 2016 the airline had resumed international charter services.[2]

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