onsdag 7. februar 2018

F-15E - Gammel dame får nye våpen -

F-15E Ready for Armament Upgrade 

courtesy of Lockheed Martin

By Nick Zazulia | February 6, 2018
F-15E Strike Eagle

Extended range joint air-to-surface standoff missiles provide range 
more than doubling their base counterparts.
The extended range version of the AGM-158 joint air-to-surface 
standoff missile developed by Lockheed Martin has achieved full 
operational capability on the F-15E Strike Eagle, the company 
announced, making it the first universal armament interface-
compliant platform to field the AGM-158-B.
The AGM-158, which was already an option for the F-15E, and 
158B have the same payload and stealth characteristics, but the 
extended-range version more than doubles the effective range of 
the cruise missile, to well over 500 nautical miles. According to 
Lockheed Martin, the option of switching to the extended range 
version expands mission flexibility for the F15-E.

A number of other Lockheed Martin and Boeing fighters and 
Northrop Grumman bombers utilize AGM158 armaments for the 
U.S. Air Force.

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