fredag 18. mai 2018

CF-104 til Sola i juni -

Hello everybody. I guess many of you are eager to get some fresh news from starfighter HQ in Bodø. We're happy to announce that the ejections seats arrived today. They will be installed Tuesday 22.May. The next day, N-CAA will pay us a visit which hopefully will result in reissue of our Airworthiness Certificate. We still have work to do before the next flight which is planned to take place during the first days of June. If all goes well, we will transit to Sola Monday 4th or the day after.
After performing at Sola 9th June we will continue to Aalborg the same afternoon. We will leave Aalborg earliest Monday 11th June. Plans after Aalborg are not settled. Our two dedicated technicians, who will travel with the aircraft, are both in full time jobs and cannot spend the whole summer on the starfighter.
The logistics support required is also pretty complicated. We only have six dragchutes available, repacking facilities and people who can do the job are not around anymore.
Many have informed us that they will travel long distances just to see and hear the starfighter again. I can assure you all that we will work hard in order not to disappoint you. But there is no garanti given, technical issues as well as bad weather could ruin the day for both you and us. Keep the fingers crossed.
Ops; If your bank account is in "overflow", our VIPPS number is 15038....

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